...Life is always in a constant state of evolution

The GYSB Movement is about taking charge, being positive, living healthy, and loving you!

It’s Time To Get Your Sexy Back!

GYSB® (Get Your Sexy Back) is more than an acronym or slogan: It’s a lifestyle. Our physical and spiritual selves should always be in a constant state of evolution. Don’t you have a desire to be the BEST that YOU can be? It’s possible if you want it badly enough and the only formula you need is a positive attitude, patience, determination and support. Join the GYSB family today and together we’ll take it to the NEXT level.

Hi, I’m Carla Palmer! When I lost my 52lbs, people who had not seen me for quite some time would cover their mouths in shock and ask: “WHAT DID YOU DO?” My response: “I got my sexy back and you should Get Your Sexy Back too!
If I can do it you can! Join for health tips, advice, group events and MORE!


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