What’s Your Baseline?

Let’s talk about goal setting as it relates to fitness. While it is important to MOVE around as much as you can each week, it is even better when your movements are helping you to achieve a fitness goal. This is especially key for those who have yet to achieve their desired weight loss. Research shows that individuals who exercise with a specific goal in mind tend to achieve greater success than those who just workout with the frame of mind that they will simply “do their best”.  Training and exercise are often used interchangeably. But in my opinion, training means you’re going in to accomplish something. When you train you bring your A+ game. So, I like that word much better. Would you agree that a person is likely to achieve greater success with measurable goals in place? You ever see someone come into the gym and fool around on 6 or 7 different machines without any thought given to what they would do at each station? They may do 3 lat pull downs, get off and do 7 jumping jacks and then move on to spend 9 minutes on the treadmill. All of that random moving around and chit chatting with their neighbor to accomplish what? Not much at all. Train with purpose. Know what it is you have set out to do in each session. I suggest taking a few fitness tests to establish your baseline. For example, how many push-ups can you do in 1 minute? Or, how many jump squats can you perform in one minute? Do you know your mile time (walking/jogging)?  How long can you plank? What size weights do you use during strength training? Remember, it is VERY important to make sure you do not compromise your form. Once your form is compromised, the risk of injury increases significantly. Once you have established your baseline numbers, you have something to reference each month (or every few months). And, the more consistent you are with your fitness, the more you will see an increase in your level of fitness. Seriously, how many people do you know who want to be in the same place year after year? I know not one. Even the ones who speak it with no action behind it still have the desire to grow. What I want for myself AND for ALL OF YOU is to put WORDS and ACTION TOGETHER. Actualize all of the potential that lies within you.

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