Turn It Over and Do the Math: How Nutritional Facts Can Empower You

I always have such a great time hanging out with my 11year old son and when I carve out time on the weekends just for the two of us, I like to make sure he’s happy. After church we did lots of homework trying to make sure we caught his friend’s basketball game by 4pm. We worked on his project right up until it was time to go so we didn’t get a chance to eat more than a small tuna snack. After the games, we were starving. He wanted to get a burrito from Chipotle and at that point I was willing to get something from there as well. When we arrived, we ordered our food to go. He wanted a steak burrito and I decided on a taco order. It smelled and looked delicious. On the way out, I grabbed a Chipotle nutrition guide and gave it a quick once over. All I have to say is 2 hours ago I ordered those tacos and two of them are still sitting in the bag. With a quick glance over the nutrition menu, I figured those 3 tacos were going to cost me close to 2300mg of sodium and over 700 calories. Now that I have the information in my head, I can make an informed decision about eating the other two tacos or not. Even if I choose to eat them, I am fully aware of what I am doing AND the consequences that will follow tonight and tomorrow.

I encourage you to read your labels. Just that little bit of knowledge might help you make better decisions in the future. It only takes a couple of seconds to read the label but it takes minutes and sometimes hours to burn off those extra calories you probably should not have had to begin with. Yes! Moderation and balance are both great but the only way you are going to be able to do either of those two things well is to LEARN. Empower yourself ~GYSB

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