The Importance of Nurturing Friendships

As many of you know, and others will soon learn, wellness is more than just physical and nutritional goodness. It’s focusing on the WHOLE you. GYSB takes a holistic approach to wellness: physical, mental, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational and emotional. It’s important to have a well-balanced life and the key to leading such a lifestyle means working on incorporating ways to be healthier in each of these areas.

In my effort to keep this blog short and sweet, I want to highlight the importance of friendship. I believe friendship falls into the mental, social and emotional aspects of wellness. Building and sustaining strong relationships with people who positively impact your life is healthy. You don’t have to have a LOT of friends. I am one who strongly believes in quality over quantity. I have a number of people I call my friend but I have a core group of people I call my special/dear friends. They bless me more than I can express. Most of them I don’t talk to everyday, some I only speak to a few times per year, but they know I LOVE and NEED them. People often say they don’t NEED anyone but I don’t mind admitting that I DO.

I met up with a dear friend of 17 years for breakfast/brunch. We had been going back and forth on facebook saying we needed to catch up but both of us kept being “busy.” Finally we decided to cut the “call me so we can get together….” piece and made it happen for real. It’s sexy to put action behind words. We had an amazing time.

When was the last time you told a dear friend you love them? When was the last time you made time in your schedule to catch up on what’s going on with them? Let’s remember to reach out to those we love BEFORE we need or want something from them. Let’s remember to make time in our busy lives just to catch a game (live or at a bar), grab coffee, invite them for wine and cheese, go for a walk, have dinner….or even just a phone call. We all know relationships take work. It’s not just the romantic ones that need to be watered and fed. ~GYSB®

This is where we met up: Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA —GREAT SPOT!

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