Plan B

This morning I packed my gym bag, rushed out of the house and threw it in my backseat. My plan was to hit the gym immediately after work. I knew I had a long workday ahead of me but I also knew I had a 5:30 pm gym appointment that I was determined not to break. Throughout the day, I checked with my colleagues to get a sense of who was working out after work (we like to hold each other accountable like that). I learned that one was doing the Insanity workout and two had plans for Zumba. I shared with them my plans to hit the gym. As 5:00 was approaching, we all realized that we were not going to be done with work for another couple of hours and that our fitness plans might have to be tweaked a bit. I began thinking about what equipment I had in my trunk and how we might be able to utilize those items to meet our fitness goals for the day. I spoke with my friend/colleague/GYSBer/GYSB Photographer (yes, she is all of those things) and she suggested we do a group training in the residential community room. I thought YES! what a fabulous idea! And we can also ask the young adults (former foster youth) who live on site if they would like to participate. We went around and knocked on doors to let them know what time we would start the session and that any of them could join us. Once we ended our workday at 8:00pm, we quickly changed clothes and grabbed the fitness “goodies” out of the trunk of my car. I had enough “goodies” to set up several stations for circuit training and together we determined what cardio and strength training exercises we wanted to incorporate. It was a fabulous team effort and an excellent workout session. Staff (us) and young adults in the program coming together to do something good for ourselves after a long long day. Plan B ROCKED! Once we finished our session, we looked at each other and agreed that it was definitely something we want to do again and WILL. Stay Ready! ~GYSB

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