Overeating on Thanksgiving is so Overrated

The aroma of turkey, yams, mac and cheese, ham, dressing, collard greens, pies, cakes, and freshly made bread hang tightly to your nostrils as you sit down at the beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table ready to FEAST. You’ve barely eating a thing all day, saving your appetite for this specially prepared meal. You want to make sure you have room for a helping or two of EVERYTHING. I totally GET this scenario and trust me, I want to enjoy Thanksgiving just as much as you do. But not at the cost of me losing sight of my fitness goals and desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. We have to remember that “leading a healthy lifestyle” means that we are setting healthy examples for those around us.

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us (GYSBers) to show our loved ones that being in control of what goes on our plates and into our mouths can be empowering. Just because there is enough Thanksgiving food in front of us to feed 10 households for a week straight, doesn’t mean that we have to lose control at the table. We can enjoy the items we want in moderation, push the plate away from us when we are close to full and walk away satisfied. Here are a few tips that will help us avoid overeating during the holidays:

1. Begin your Thanksgiving morning with a healthy breakfast (i.e. egg whites, fruit and whole wheat toast or a bowl of oatmeal with fruit).

2. Make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch and a couple of healthy snacks in between. you don’t want to starve yourself all day just to sit down and overeat at Thanksgiving. By keeping your body fueled throughout the day, you are less likely to lose control at the Thanksgiving table.

3. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Keep your water bottles full so that you can pace yourself. When we do not stay hydrated our bodies often mistake thirst for hunger. This is when we start to do a lot of unnecessary munching.

4. Only put things on your plate that you like and don’t heap food on top of other food. if you’re doing this on a normal size plate, you’ve got too much on your plate and you’re definitely heading down the road to overeating. Also, if you do not like something on your plate, do NOT feel obligated to eat it. When you feel full–STOP EATING!

5. Do not wear big sweaters or elastic waist pants/skirts. You want to avoid wearing clothing that expands with your belly as it gets more and more full. If you wear clothing that fastens or is belted, you can feel yourself overeating and will be more likely to slow down as you feel your clothing become more uncomfortable.

6. Alcohol is fattening too! Remember to drink water in between your glasses of alcoholic beverages so you can avoid overindulging.

7. Do more talking than eating. Thanksgiving is a time to meet new people, network, catch up with family and to just have FUN. If you spend time getting acquainted or reconnected, you’ll have less time to stuff your face.

We can ALL maintain control of our holiday eating. We have the power. Let’s show our friends and family how we (GYSBers) do it.


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