Notes By B: Muscles and Feminine..Do They Go Together?

Guest Blogger: Bran Redick, USC graduate, currently teaches nutrition to middle school students at after school enrichment programs in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to teaching, Bran handles social media marketing for businesses centered around health and wellness. Follow her on Twitter @Boobeto Tumblr:

Muscles and Feminine..Do They Go Together?

What is it to be a woman? Is it wearing 5 inch heels everyday? Is it the ability to give birth or is much deeper than those two questions?   Many women and men approach me while out and say you have a great butt and nice arms. Even recently, I was out at a local bar and a lady rubbed my butt. She said, “OMG your butt is so perfect. Is it real? Can I touch it?”  I was shocked because for one she already touched it and I thought how much more touchy does she want to get. Anyhow, she proceed to tell me how it was “so firm”.  My inner voice response was “well, I lift weights and sprint a lot, which keeps my legs and butt toned.”  However, the words that actually left my mouth was “umm I workout.”  While I am in the gym it is all business. I am there to lift, sweat and burn lots of calories. My fellow gym patrons, men and women, tell me I work hard and seem serious by my demeanor.  I have no time to chat or play. I come in with a plan. I do not push light weight, for example the 5 or 10 lb dumbbells rarely visits my hands. Instead I use weights that are actually heavy enough for me.  I usually curl 20 lb dumbbells for 12 to 15 reps.  The weight is calculated by this equation: If the last two reps are difficult to complete then that is the correct weight for me.  Ladies if you are doing a bicep curling with 5 lb weights and you feel like you are lifting a pencil then drop that weight and increase your weight by a few pounds.   Most ladies fear if they lift heavy they will form huge muscles and start to look masculine. They think they will change color and bulge like the Hulk. This is impossible! Repeat this statement: that is impossible! I have small toned arms, but I curl heavy weights.  Plenty of women think there is a secret to my arms, but no secret. I eat right, do my cardio and lift moderate to heavy weights.  The only way you would become extremely huge is if you are regularly eating a lot of protein, ingesting male hormones and lift extremely heavy.  The combination of all three will increase your muscle mass.  However, women do not have a large amount of testosterone in their system. Testosterone is the hormone used to help build muscle.  Women have about one tenth the amount of testosterone that is found in men.  Ladies you can relax you are not changing colors or busting out of your skinny jeans. You will still look and feel like a woman-I promise.  Once the gym is complete I put on my stilettos and enjoy the rest of my day. Those women and men who see me in the gym tell me they cannot imagine me being a girly girl. On the other hand, those who only know the girly side of me cannot imagine me bench pressing and doing burpees.  I’m a woman who loves pink, but I’m never EVER afraid to sweat.  In actuality, lifting weights adds to your femininity.  It not only adds a lift to your butt, it gives a sense of confidence like no other. You feel empowered and strong. Ladies do not be afraid of the weights.  Remember use weights that are heavy enough that will allow you to push yourself while keeping good form.  Steer clear of the weights that feel like a number pencil, please!  Once you are done pushing weight you too can strut in your heels with your head high and shoulders back.

~Notes By B


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  1. I really liked this blog. Yesterday I changed from using the 5 lb kettlebell to 10 lbs because it felt to light. Good to hear that I won’t bulk up to look like a man.

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