My Sexy “Goal Jeans”

On my weight loss journey I had a lot of different ways of measuring my success. Unlike some people, getting on the scale each day was a little too frustrating for me. I didn’t want to give that fickle little instrument too much power. While it is necessary to consult with the scale occasionally, I don’t feel it should be the only indicator of how you are progressing with your weight loss goals.

Initially, I used the scale regularly because that was the thing everyone said I should do. There was so much focus/emphasis on the numbers on the scale. The numbers mattered more than anything else. After a while, it just created more anxiety and foul moods than I cared to experience. So, I used other ways to determine my bi-weekly success rate. I took my measurements (busts, arms, waist, thighs, hips) and documented those numbers. I periodically tried on my dresses and jeans without the extra assistance of my, oh so amazing, Spanx to see how I was progressing. And, I purchased a pair of the largest size of Joe’s designer jeans (size 32 @$158.00—YES! I wanted them!) that I planned to one-day slide into without a fight or a muffin top once the low-rise waist reached the beginning of my hips. These were my sexy “goal jeans.”

Approximately every couple of weeks I took those jeans out of my closet and attempted to slide them on. And it “seemed” each time I was able to pull them up a little bit higher than the time before. I tried to always look at the positive side. Even though I wasn’t at a point where they were fitting, I was making progress and I was satisfied with that. Then one day it happened. They went all the way on and I was able to button them up. Yes I still had a muffin top, but I knew I was very close to my “goal jeans” fitting me just the way I’d envisioned.

The point of me sharing this is to let others know that they should come up with a method that works best for them instead of doing what everyone else says you should do. It’s not that everyone else is wrong, I just feel it’s important to find your own way. For me, the idea of fitting into these jeans helped me stay motivated. I pushed harder and continued to get results. I’m not saying this is the RIGHT way but it IS a WAY. Would love to hear what has worked for you. It may help someone else. ~GYSB BABY!

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