Learning to love YOURSELF

This week I have been talking a lot about taking care of yourself.  What I mean by that is LOVING up on yourself in a way that only YOU know how.  So often we wait for someone else to do something special for us and when it doesn’t happen we are disappointed and sad. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  While it is such a nice/beautiful thing for others to do special stuff for us, it’s not necessarily their job to make us happy.  We have all of the power/wherewithal to do something special for ourselves. All it takes is for us to figure out what it is that makes us smile/happy and prepare or plan something related to that.  I happen to like good meals, outdoor activities, flowers, wine, and good music. So, it’s easy for me to put together an evening of relaxation for myself with all of the things that I enjoy…right down to the small details.  I figure the only way I am really going to explain to someone else exactly how I want to be treated or exactly what I WANT, is for me to figure it out on my own.  At this point I can explain it CLEARLY.  I like the simple things done with class.  I get nearly everything for my apartment on sale. After every season, my favorite stores are getting rid of stuff….I happen to like Pottery Barn and I wait for seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving to end so that I can get odds and ends to add to my collection of decent entertainment pieces.  So, when it’s time for me to chill and do something special for myself, I have what I need to make it nice. I also want to add that Target and Ikea also have items that make for a nice evening at home.  Whatever you style/taste, you make it work for YOU.  Treat yourself as if you were preparing for a special guest—why? Because you ARE special and if no one else ever shows you that, at least you can show yourself. These gestures make you stronger and more in tune with who you are and how you want to be treated. It is SO important for us to get this message (and not just women….MEN, this is for YOU TOO!)

This morning  I woke up knowing that I wanted to spend the evening with a nicely prepared meal, a great wine and some happy music.  So, I spent the early part of the day cleaning, and working so that I would have time to chill later.  I stopped working at 6 and begin preparing for my special evening.  I got logs from the store, picked out one of my favorite red wines, thawed out some shrimp and made my special meal with LOVE.  In the end, I sat down to a delicious meal….when I tell you that I was on cloud 15….I am not lying.  It was a fabulous night of loving me.

I suggest it to any and everyone. It’s a great way to Love up on yourself.  You’re not waiting around hoping for someone to get it right…you’re making it right for yourself and that my friends is SUPER SEXY.  ~GYSB

Photos from my lunch and dinner……..

Lunch….backyard GYSB Bistro (yes, I named it) ….tulip center piece with grilled chicken, orange, almond slices and spinach salad and H20

Dinner: Front Yard (GYSB patio)  Grilled shrimp and brown rice, edamame and a spicy tilapia and bell pepper dip with flaxseed tortilla chips paired with a great California Red wine, fire pit and music….and I don’t live anywhere FANCY….this was all at my apartment….which means you can create what you want to create for YOURSELF….I say do it!  ~GYSB baby!








  1. Amy D.

    Very nice C…This looks so chic…Thanks for the reminder to do “me”

  2. emily

    Love the blog! I FEEL the love and the luxury and will follow suit!

    • You should come over and dine with me sometime Emily….you’re so close 🙂

  3. Sheryl B

    I LOVE IT! BTW, if you like stuff on sale you need to try HomeGoods too! This is a beautiful setup you made yourself. I thoroughly approve and will be borrowing the concept!

  4. Brintha Knowlton

    I love how you love yourself Carla! You are a super inspiration!!!!

    • thanks Brintha….so glad you’re part of the movement lady 🙂

  5. Hannah O.

    I feel you on that, Carla! I think we sometimes forget to treat our selves to the simple things in life and end up depending on other people to make us happy. This just causes so much negative energy and drama. We shouldn’t wait for a “special person” to do “nice things” for. It needs to start with us so we don’t put that burden of responsibility on another person. And from what I see, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s learn to enjoy life even when we don’t have that “special someone” in our lives yet, and I think it will help us really identify that true “special person” when he or she comes. I like! 🙂

    • Thank you for taking time to write such a lovely comment Hannah…..as always, you are so much appreciated my dear sister 🙂

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