It’s Time to Put Yourself First

The vast majority of people in this world are living life hastily, working more hours than they planned each day, taking care of other people and leaving very little room to really LIVE LIFE healthfully. There was a point in my life a few years ago when I found myself in a place of deep despair. I was in a dead end relationship, working two jobs and caring for my son. My life was not even close to where I’d envisioned I’d be at that stage. I had completely lost my zest for life. I thought my mojo was gone for good. I had focused so much time and energy on my romantic relationship and work that I hadn’t invested time in building a healthy/loving relationship with myself. I reached a point where something had to change or I would be heading into a very dark place. Self-determination kicked in and I began making time for exercise. My mojo wasn’t GONE. I just needed to find it. Once I had determined a solid reason WHY I wanted/NEEDED the change, I started treating my workout sessions like appointments, never letting anything get in the way. Soon I realized THIS was the way I wanted to live the rest of my life. It was more than just about fitness. It was about HEALING. Being healthy (mind, body and spirit is SEXY).

Do you need to GYSB? Now would be a great time to start. Be encouraged! Find your motivation, your reason WHY, create a realistic plan and start today. I’m looking forward to celebrating YOUR success with you. ~GYSB BABY!


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