The GYSB Movement


  1. Lenitta Stephens

    I want to lose 52 pound to tell me how please

  2. Hey Ms. Lady,

    Your webpage looks good. I want to pay for my shirt but don’t see where your paypal is…? Much more success to you Ms. GYSB!

  3. Sharon Raines

    I work with your mom at ECDC. I really want one of those shirts. My favorite color is Aqua, but black or Navy will do.

    • GYSB

      Hi Sharon! It’s so good to see people from Tulsa inspired by the movement. that’s gonna always be home to me. What size where you looking for? did you check the products tab to see if we had it. I know I have some navy just don’t know what size you’d like to get. Thank you for the comment. let me know what you find.

  4. Michelle Foster

    I am going to order an orange T shirt my fav color. I am in the process of working with a trainer now to lose 65lbs and trying to eat heathier. Maybe you can give me some tips.

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