GYSB’s 33 mile bike ride with Christina Lynn

A few months ago, I arrived to the Grove at 7am to wait in line at Barnes and Noble for a ticket to see Jillian Michaels at her book signing that evening at 7pm. There were a few other ladies in line and we started to chat about fitness, our successes and challenges, and life in general. There was a really cool chick named Christina who was adding a lot of great information to our discussion. I thought “this girl is so knowledgeable and VERY down to earth, I could be friends with her.” As we continued talking and waiting, we decided that we would all meet up later so that we could sit together at Jillian’s session. That evening, I had to go and pick up my son so I was running a tad bit late. When we arrived, Christina was already waiting in line. I look over and she motions for J and I to come to her because she had saved us a spot. Right then I knew we were going to be friends (signs of kindness/loyalty warm my heart). We talked about living a peaceful life. Both of us shared the sentiments that being kind to others and being committed to fitness and healthy nutrition were key aspects of living “well” and living longer. I told her about GYSB and she promised to join the movement….long story short, she joined and regularly contributes/shares the information she is learning from her personal trainer, her coursework in fitness and nutrition and her independent research on all things related to wellness. She’s quite brilliant I might add…maintaining a 4.0 in school while working full time and consistently training (as many of you know, these are not easy things to juggle).

We have been trying for quite some time to get together. Finally, this Saturday we both had time and it happened to be one of her slower rides so we committed to meet. I have ridden my bike 11 miles one way (rested for a couple of hours) and then back home. I wouldn’t call that shabby. But today I was a little scared that I was going to have to catch the bus back (I felt like I might be getting a little ahead of myself). Christina purposely withheld the total distance from me, but she said we’d be out 2.5 – 3 hours. While I didn’t want to go out like a weakling, I had to be realistic–“could I really do this entire ride?”

I always encourage you all to try new things and to not be afraid of messing up or looking awkward so I had to practice what I preach. I am so glad I took on this challenge. While I may not have had the best equipment, or a bike/seat/clothes that were “fitted” just for me, I FINISHED! and I finished strong and I was PROUD of my accomplishment (with my ever so sore booty and all).

Today I rode 33 miles and burned 1468 calories ~GYSB BABY!

our route


  1. Christina Lynn

    Is that a banana in my pocket or was I happy to see you? Both! What a great day. Touched by your kind words! Glad I could help! Love your diaper hahahaha.

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