GYSB: Farmer’s Market Fun for Kids

“Mom, are we going to get cantaloupe and honeydew after church again today?” This was the question my 11 year old asked after church one Sunday. The week before, my friend and I took him with us to the farmers market so that we could get our goodies for the upcoming week. During that visit, my son found out the farmer’s market isn’t just for adults; kids could enjoy it too. He went from station to station, trying fresh fruit, organic and gluten free pastries, fresh salsa and guacamole, enjoyed an organic honey stick, Salvadoran pupusas, fresh squeezed juice and live music.

While I had taken him along on many trips to the farmer’s market in the past, this time I noticed that he was becoming more interested in the different foods and activities going on. At this point I realized what an amazing learning experience the farmer’s market could be for kids.

1. I can give him (or let him earn) a certain amount of money to spend at the farmer’s market each week (teaching money management)

2. I can look online to find out what fruits and/or veggies are in season and create a scavenger hunt list for him to tackle (with a farmer’s market treat in the end)

3. I can step back and allow him to interact with the vendors (asking questions on his own) in order to learn about different produce and/or products and build his communication skills

4. I can teach him how to prepare some of the food purchased from the market in a simple/age appropriate cooking lesson at home.

5. I can give him his own reusable bags and show him the importance/value of recycling and being kind to the environment.

I am sure there are many other ways to spice up a trip to the farmer’s market with the kiddo(s). GYSB says “JUST GET THEM OUT THERE!” The next thing you know, they’ll be asking you to take them. Just make sure you budget and set it aside. It’s easy to go over when you’re having fun and some farmer’s market items are expensive, especially if you are shopping organic only.

Learning About Chinese Apples:
GYSB chinese apples
A Lesson on Melon Picking:

GYSB Getting Veggies to Prep for the Week:

There is one vendor I look for every Sunday: East and West Gourmet Afghan Food
1 of My Favorite Treats from East and West Gourmet (spinach Bolani)

Another Favorite Treat (Sweet Jalapeno Sauce)

Spinach Bolani and Sauce Just Before I EAT IT ALL!

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