GYSB Beach Workout with Friends and the Kiddos

Sometimes we think we can’t workout because we have the kids with us, there is no sitter, no place for them to “stay” while we get our training in. That excuse is getting old. With the invention of jogger strollers and workout equipment built in at many local parks, we have to really think twice about saying we CAN’T go because of the kid situation.

Today we got up extra early and took the kids with us for a beach workout in the sand. Guess what? When we got there, they (the kids) asked if they could workout with us. They actually WANTED to do sprints and jog in the sand. They thought it was fun. It ended up being an awesome workout. Those young kids PUSHED us grown-ups to do better. Next time you THINK you can’t workout because you don’t have a sitter…..pack up the kids and take them with you. You’ll be glad you did. ~GYSB

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