Cheers…In Moderation

Let’s talk about wine. As many of you know, I LOVE vino. I get excited about trying new types/regions and I thoroughly enjoy having a glass with a good meal. While the word on the streets is that 1 glass of red wine per night is good for the heart, how many times have you gone way beyond that 6oz glass? You DID realize that one glass is only 6oz right? The truth is, many of us overdo it when it comes to our daily wine pours. We tell ourselves it’s good for our health but soon, one glass becomes 2 and often times another 1/2 of a glass and before you know it, you’ve downed 285 – 300 calories from drinking vino. So, if you can’t be certain you’ll say “no” to glass #2 then maybe you shouldn’t open it during the week at all. There is always the weekend when you can invite friends over and THEY can help you drink the bottle of wine. I recently put a rule in place for myself: No wine opening Mon-Thurs. I’m not saying I’ll never have a glass on any of those days. But for now, I will keep all corks in place until the weekend rolls around. Even then, I will be mindful of the number of times my wrist breaks to pour. Listen, YOU should always be in control of how much if it is going into YOUR body. We cannot let food control US.

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