Body Fat Percentage: Where Do You See Yourself?

As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this afternoon, I came across these photos on my friend Sedric Johnson’s page. I stopped scrolling and began to look at the pictures to find the one with my body fat percentage (during my last Dr. visit 5-6 months ago I was just under 25%). When I got to it I thought; Okay, that’s not so bad. Of course all bodies are shaped differently so it may look a bit different on me. Now, would I like to be leaner? Sure! But am I happy with where I am right now? The answer is still SURE! I’ve put in a lot of work over the years to lose weight and to continue to maintain (with a few ups and down here and there). I am proud of my accomplishments. The fact is, if I want to get leaner than what I am now, I will have to change my diet significantly. As cliche as this saying may be, it’s a FACT: ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. If a person has worked hard to lose weight and decrease body fat, there is only so far they can go until additional dietary changes must be made. Then comes the question: How badly do you want to decrease the body fat? How badly do you want to be a lean machine?  Some people will be happy with a body fat percentage in the mid to late 20’s while others will want to reach the mid teens or even lower. It’s a personal choice.

Take a look at the photos below. I believe they are great visuals that can serve as guides for men and women who are working toward specific health and fitness goals. I have also added a link to the BUILT LEAN website from which both photos actually came.  Please take time to read the article. As you know, a lifestyle shift is only going to stick if you build your knowledge. Learn what you need to know to maintain your new lifestyle (or START if you haven’t done so already). ~GYSB BABY!

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