Are Your Favorite Drinks Making You Fat?

Whenever I stop at Starbucks in the morning for cup of joe, I get a little nosy as I wait in line. One of the things I clue in on is what drinks people are hugging as they walk away from the coffee bar. As I see people with their Caramel Macchiatos, Tazo Green Tea Creme Frapaccinos and White Chocolate Mocha frap blended beverages (240g for a small/tall 12oz), I can’t help but wonder if those drinks are making them fat. What’s more, some people’s morning drinks match their late afternoon treats and they often pass up the tall for a grande size or venti. I used to love (and sometimes still crave) these types of drinks as well but that’s because I didn’t realize I was drinking more calories than I was eating.

Check out the two links below.

Read what this short article from Men’s Health had to say about coffee drinks and calories:

A list of Starbucks drinks and what it’s actually “costing” you…this ain’t about the $$$$ either

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