Another AWESOME GYSB Saturday Adventure…

Each time I decide to take a “city trip,” I take a couple of pics along the way so I can share them with you. My hope is that you will be inspired (TOTALLY JUICED) to go on your own trip in your city.  Every city has something to do. There is always an adventure YOU can create for yourself. You just have to do a little research, ask some questions and make up your mind that you are actually going to go. The KEY is that you have to treat it as an appointment.  What does that really mean? It means treating it like it’s a Dr.’s appointment that you made months ago and won’t be able to reschedule for another 2 or 3 months if you don’t make it.  That’s how serious you have to be about finding peace, working out, and being healthy overall. Once you begin to look at your internal and physical health and peace of mind as a priority you will start to plan your life accordingly.  People always get all bug eyed when I say I workout 5-6 times per week.  I think to myself, I would be miserable if I couldn’t. It’s an absolute joy, a burning desire to connect with the environment and learn more about ME. God has put all of this here for us to enjoy and so often we just take it for granted.  Not me anymore, I’m on it every chance I get.  I get off work early—great! I can go hike or run at the park. I get to come in late?—-great! I get to do a DVD before I get showered and dressed.  Work free weekend?  AWESOME! I get to hike, jog, do community service, spend time with my kiddo, go to the farmer’s market, and/or ride the bike to any destination I choose.  THAT is living! And THAT is how I will live my life from now on.  Because in this I find healing, peace and self-love.


So, this morning I have traffic school right?  Everyone dreads traffic school.  But I went and did my 4 hours and got out of there.  As I was driving home I thought—“well, you signed up for a workout today on the Accountability so how are you going to take care of that commitment?”  EASY!  I decided to get out my bike, helmet and backpack and hit the road….not knowing exactly where I would go.  I ended up going to the beach.  I road along the boardwalk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Beach and back to Venice.  Then, I decided to check out Abbot Kinney ( to see if I could get myself a little treat (lots of specialty shops/bakeries/restaraunts)….Guess what I found?  A Sample Sale. If you don’t yet know this about me—I LOVE FASHION! And BECAUSE I love fashion, I try to stay away from the mall, boutiques and sample sales.  I decided to browse with no intentions to purchase.  Yea Riiiiiiiiight :-/   I ended up with a very cool bracelet. The designer’s name is Andrea Lithgow and she used to be in the tile business. She was so fascinated with the beauty of tile and nature that she decided to start making jewelry out of clay and rocks and constructed with leather bands (DANDY is the name of the business). I also snagged an awesome pair of earrings by Nunu Designs (specializing in gems and gold metals).








Ahhhhhh!!!! This is when I become a girlie girl….lol — After that, I totally forgot about the treat.  I knew I needed REAL food anyway. So I strapped on my helmet and hopped back on the bike.

As I peddled down the street, I rode past a restaurant called THE CURIOUS PALATE.











What a perfect name for a restaurant that specializes in locally grown/organic food –all prepared in house—I’ve always ridden past it and wondered if it was good but never took the time to stop in and investigate……talk about FLAVOR!!!  I had this incredible chicken salad with grilled artichoke, roasted peppers, beets, cranberries and a vinaigrette prepared in house.  It was one of the BEST salads I have EVER had.











The owner came out and asked if I was enjoying my food and I just stared at him like—“ARE YOU KIDDING???”  he laughed and said-à “I know right” ..I told him I was going to incorporate his spot in my blog so that more people are aware that it’s there.  I finished up, strapped the helmet back on and headed home.


Another fabulous day that I created for myself.  I would love to hear about the things you get into in your city.  The more other GYSBers hear, the more inspired they will be to do the same.


Thanks for reading/listening.


~GYSB (Get Your Sexy Back)

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