About GYSB™

In order to begin a successful journey to overall wellness, you must set realistic goals. There is no special cleanse, magic pill or perfect diet.  The only formula that will work is a positive attitude, patience, determination and support. 

When I lost my 52lbs, people who hadn’t seen me for quite some time would ask: “WHAT DID YOU DO!?!” I’d smile and say, “I got my sexy back and you should Get Your Sexy Back too! You should GYSB®!  It was a catchy phrase packed with a lot of meaning and people embraced it immediately.

GYSB® (Get Your Sexy Back) is more than an acronym or slogan: it’s a lifestyle. GYSB® is a movement that promotes a holistic approach to wellness. This movement encourages physical wellness through regular exercise, self-empowerment through setting measurable goals for self, work and family and determining realistic ways of actualizing set goals. GYSB® also supports being kind to the environment, being actively involved in efforts to build/uplift community, showing consistent respect and love for others, and being spiritually grounded. My hope is that as you transform your outer appearance (or work on maintaining the great shape that you are already in) you will put just as much effort into making sure you feel as good as you look.  Your positive words should align with your actions.  You should also be interacting with others in a positive/kind way and embracing all of the beauty that is here on earth for you to enjoy.

Whether you are in maintenance mode or just beginning your weight loss journey, GYSB® is for YOU! There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Our physical and spiritual selves should always be in a constant state of evolution. This is the only way we grow and become BETTER.

You can get the support you need by becoming a fan of GYSB® on Facebook.  On both the fan page and the website, you’ll find recipes, workout tips, articles on wellness, new/creative exercises and even our personal weight loss testimonies. We set challenges that take us out of our comfort zone and strengthen our will/determination to choose healthier food and drink options, stick to scheduled workout plans, practice being more environmentally friendly and involved in our communities.

Start your GYSB™ journey today! LIVE your life!


  1. Hi I am looking into a weightloss regiment. I have gained 28lbs in the past year and want to lose it all as well as gmsb. But i really need to find something to get it off. My problem is not knowing what to do first. I have cut back on my eating but as far as a work out plan I need help if u can please advise.


    A little uncomfortable.

    • Hi Kim,
      Let’s take our conversation to email so I can get a better sense of where you are in this process. I’m not a trained professional but would gladly share what worked/works for me 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

      Talk soon

  2. Sunni Ward

    CARLA!!!! I am soooo impressed and sooo proud of you and all that you’ve acomplished. Such an inspiration. Please keep doing what you do for others…..and THANK YOU!!! Now…I’m off to browse the product page 🙂

  3. Teatiiime

    This site is the hotness! Go on, GYSB!!

    • Thanks my friend….THANKS FOR EVERYTHING….you’ve been around for a while now— 🙂

  4. Feeling inspired after browsing your site. Well and pulling up some before and now photos:) I posted my goal om my mirror, on the fridge, and in my car. Ready to make mouths drop!

    • Glad you’re here Dola! always good motivation to pull out the before and now photos…post ’em up and GET TO WORK! can’t wait to see your pics at some point.

  5. Carla – This is a wonderful website. I am so excited to watch your business grow. You are an inspiration to many.

  6. Amy D.

    So proud of you C….GYSB is a blessing:)

  7. Yetra Bellamy

    I am so proud of you. Look how God moves in our lives. Keep up the awesome work. ordering my shirt now! love you and hope to see you soon.

    Down 20+ lbs… and counting

    • You are proud of me and I am SOOOO proud of you! 20+lbs…..GET IT YET!!!! You’ve been supporting me long before a website—you are truly appreciated. LOVE YOU too!

  8. Kay Edwards

    Hey amazing site and great motivation information, looking to be an avid user and GYSB for life!

    Speak soon,


  9. sharon hopson

    how do i get started?

    • GYSB

      Hi sharon,
      Are you on FB? If yes, “like” the GYSB page. The movement is in place to provide encouragement/support to men and women who are striving to be their BEST. In all areas of their life. While the daily focus may be on healthy eating and fitness, it is a movement that promotes overall wellness (mind, body, spirit, community connectedness). The way you get started is by determining what it is that YOU want to do for yourself. For example, if it’s to lose weight you need to take an honest assessment of where you are and decide what steps you are going to take to move in the direction that will help you meet your goal (you have to set the realistic goal). By staying connected to the fb page it is our hope that people will be inspired by status updates, comments from other GYSBers, posted recipes and inspirational pics and 30 day challenges. I hope this helps. and I hope you get started today 🙂 thanks for visiting the website ~Carla/GYSB

  10. Enid

    My Aunt Gail does not do FB she wants to stay connected and be part of the accountability. Is it only available on FB or can it be part of your website. Let me know.


  11. Janice Simmons-Rogers

    Carla, I am SOOOO proud of you! Beautiful site and what a blessing. It couldn’t have happen to a more beautiful person.

    Love ya,

    • GYSB

      Janice you KNOW that I am smiling from ear to ear reading this. thank you so much. love you my dear friend.

  12. Daphne D

    I stumbled upon your FB page and it is so motivational. You are a true inspiration!! My journey starts now.

    • That’s so good to hear Daphne….please say hello on the page from time to time so I can see how you’re doing

  13. TMartin

    Just saying how Proud I am of you doesn’t capture my sentiments completely. Congrats on the blessings that are in store for you, cause trul you are a blessing for so many. This site is truly a work of art. Thanks fire sharing your story and vision. Now lets get our sexy back!!

  14. amazing…you are AWESOME my friend…

  15. Ruby B.

    Hi, My name is Ruby, I was looking @ yr page .i have you on my FB.We don’t know each other,but I do see what you post on FB. I am a 46 yold woman who is struggling to loose weight. I’m about 170 my biggest ever. I look @ the different pic Im like a 45%. I hate the way I look. I do not like my body at all . I’ve tried different pills. I have lost once about 35 pd. ack in 2007,I would work out, ride my bike, run and eat right,I had some one by my side always. I don’t have the motivation any more that persons pushing come on you an do it. I have let my self go. I REALY truly want my sexy back. I would like to know how you did it, can you help me??? You have done an awesome job you look great. I would love to be able to one day wear a dress,shorts tank tops tuck in a T-shirt. With out me constant tugging on my clothes. I hate my legs,arm muffing top. Girl I hat it all. Plz help me GMSB thank you have a bless day sign…… ruby l Benavides.

    • Hi Ruby,
      I apologize for the late response. I totally understand how you’re feeling right now (having been equally as frustrated with my weight a few years ago). The great thing is you sound like you’re ready to make some permanent changes. You just need to focus on getting started. There are a lot of people who have written and asked me similar questions in search of tips that may help them lose and maintain. I took all of those questions and put them in an ebook in hopes that it will help people who have been inspired by my story and want to know how I got started and how I’m able to maintain. The book will be available this week. I hope that you will benefit from some of the information I’ve placed in the book. I will post on my GYSB Facebook page when it’s ready this week. Again, I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. I am just now checking my messages. Happy New Year to you! I see healthy, fit and even sexier in your future. You/We got this girl!


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