A-GAIN: A concept from “$elling with Intention” That Can Translate to Your Fitness Goals

I spent some time reading with my son during his reading hour last night. I was reading a book entitled $elling with Intention by Ursula C. Mentjes. I arrived at a section in the book where she began to discuss a process that she suggests her clients use to make their sales goals (dreams) a reality. The process is called A-GAIN and it can be used for more than just sales. Let’s take a moment to relate it to your fitness goals. Ursula breaks it down like this:



Assessment: How are you doing? Have you taken the time to really understand your current situation and what might be holding you back?  Rate your satisfaction with how things are going on a scale from 1-10 (10 being highest). If you’re not at a 10 you should start to look at ways in which you can reach 10 and what a satisfaction rate of 10 will mean for you overall. Keep in mind our holistic approach to wellness.  Your goals should be visible so make sure you write them down and track your progress on a regular basis. You want your results to be measurable and more importantly you want them to be realistic. Be open to adjusting them as you move along.



Gap Analysis and Goal-Setting: Once your goals have been set you should break them down into smaller achievable steps. This is the gap in between where you currently are and where you want to be. Write every step down. Ursula says that many people figure out what they want but never take that next (very important) step of writing it down. Writing it down makes it more real. Put it somewhere where you can see it daily. Ursula also suggests looking at things/people you might need to let go of or distance yourself from. Often times our environment/surroundings/old ways of doing things are holding us back from achieving our goals.




Accountability: Who are five people you can ask to hold you accountable to your goals? Telling others gives you a level of accountability that you not otherwise have on your own. Make sure they are people who can support you. If you don’t have people in your life you can count on for this type of support there are online communities (i.e. GYSB) where you can get support/accountability checks and encouragement.



Intentional and Inspired Action: After you have set your goals pay attention to the ideas that suddenly pop up. You might see living social deals for fitness camps/classes or you might think of other creative/less expensive ways to work toward your goals. When you are really ready to make changes and progress you’ll be surprised at how inspired you will be to make it happen. Ursula says the difference between really successful people who have made it and those who have not is Inspired Action. When they have an idea they follow it and decide what they are going to do to move forward with that idea.



Never, never, never give up! Stay on your path no matter what obstacles you might face. There WILL be times when you feel like throwing in the towel but you have to realize that you are feeling fearful or doubtful or discouraged. When you notice that feeling, you have a choice to make: You can either decide to give up or you can acknowledge the feeling and keep moving toward your goal anyway.



A-GAIN…… I hope this helps



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