Hiking: An exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family

Spring is officially here. While there has been some rain and days that were a bit chilly, warm sunny weather is soon to come. This would be a great time to take your kiddos out on the safe “kid friendly” hiking trails in your area. Get them away from the video games, cell phones and tv for a few hours and show them how they can become more connect with nature.  Hiking not only provides an opportunity for you to create amazing memories, it’s also a fantastic way of getting some exercise. Sometimes I’ll take a new hiking trail and won’t even realize I got in a real workout until I wake up sore the next day.  Start your research now, ask friends and co-workers about kid friendly trails in your area and get your kids excited about starting a new family tradition. Take a magnifying glass for added fun. You can also allow your child to bring a friend along or invite a friend of yours who has a child around the same age.   Happy Trails….. ~GYSB

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